GRC Products

From planters, tables, fountain, wall tiles to furniture can be purchased from us. These GRC products are weather resistant and do not get deteriorate in any weather condition.

RCC Products

Reinforced concrete cement is used for making a range of RCC products, like bollards and tree guards. The former can be used to restrict the entry of any vehicle, while the latter can be used to protect growing plants and trees from animals.

Precast Cement Concrete Flooring Tiles

Precast cement concrete flooring tiles are flooring tiles that are available in plain and chequered designs. These tiles can be laid in any residential and commercial building, like school, office, educational institute and hospital.

PCC Kerb Stones

PCC Kerb Stones are large blocks developed in different shapes, sizes to suit every application area, whether garden, parking lot or roadside. These high strength stones are of uniform quality and have long shelf life.

Shot Blasted CC Paver Blocks

Get in touch with us to buy shot blasted CC paver blocks in preferred design, shape, texture and color combination. These blocks can be laid easily on walkways, patios as well as pathways.

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